Get personal

{image via ffffound}

Lately, I have been doing alot of trends research for work and one main compelling trend is getting personal and connecting with nature. No matter what your business, getting personal is a strategy that the best will achieve and I cannot wait to see how creative it gets. Take this packaging from Belvoir Fruit Farms. The labels wrap around on an angle and are handlettered. The bottles are sleek and modern with personal lettering, making you feel like someone penned them and shelved them just for you to "pick your favorite flavah"! (You have to listen for my New England accent.)

{image via ffffound}

They also grow ingredients right on their farm. Their site is really nicely done and even their homepage is vibrantly hand drawn with abundant elderberry flowers (mmm, I can smell the sweetness now)... and there is more great packaging exploding off their pages.

Packaging is like magic. There is a little gift shop in Tatnuck Square in Worcester, called Bhadon. She beautifully wraps any gift. With a thoughtful presentation, even a small gift conveys a multitude when presented with a personal touch. Bhadon is my first choice because I know she goes the extra mile to make my gift special. Retailers must listen to consumers and compete for their position in today's market more than ever. I hope to see alot of initiative back to this kind of creativity and effort.

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