This sweet and sleek looking jug of wine was designed by Sfaustina for Francis Ford Coppola, inspired by the jugs his father kept, and he smashed at four years old. The bottle is etched with a score written by his father. You have got to appreciate the nostalia and the effect of heart and home. This is wear packaging and marketing is headed, I just know it. Image via the dieline.

Tropicana should take a glimpse of this packaging by David Fung of NYC. Perfect simplicity and clarity and great execusion of block color. Got moo-dern milk? Image via the dieline on ffffound.

Since this is the most popular song in my arsenal these days with an 18 month old, and with my love of fonts and color, I am loving this print by Honey and Bloom that I ffffound.


Sprout said...

I would buy that milk!

And honestly, the whole Tropicana thing didn't bother me, I thought it looked rather European. And I really liked the little orange cap with the leaf!

Michelle May said...

Cathy, i love packaging!!! If something looks good, I am such a sucker! I did like the orange cap, I have to say!