Images of Hong Kong and a little kick in the pants

{images by peter nurney of san francisco}

Years ago, I started looking into Buddhism. Without getting into a convo about religion, I will say that I found reading and thinking these new thoughts really opened my mind to so many things. I kept journals for my kids at that time so that when they were teenagers they would be able to pick them up and read them and know me better, understand me better, and hopefully bridge a gap that teenagers and parents sometimes have. So, without a mention, I just left the journal out in the open (you know on the book pile in the bathroom).

Hee, I noticed it was getting some lookies. I love rereading it myself and came upon this writing on mindfulness, which I am sure I included with a conscious premonition and serious retrospective reason, even though there are swears in it, I thought it was so impactful and would kind of stop them in their tracks...teenagers need to hit a wall now and then. If they are any good at being teenagers, they swiftly and gracefully find their way over the wall and into the next adventure, promptly calling for a ride back. I took a minute for a potential opportunity. The metrics aren't good.........but in theory, I may be one up.

I thought to myself as I revisited it, "Well this actually comes in handy every once in a while!" I get so busy and sometimes go about things without really thinking about what I am doing. We all do, I am sure. I have been really trying to be in the moment and enjoy every one...and it makes me happy! Try it and take this little ditty in...

The Mirror of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the root of the Dharma.

Mindfulness is the body of practice.

Mindfulness is the fortress of the mind.

Lack of mindfulness will allow the negative forces to overcome you.

Without mindfulness you will be swept away by laziness.

Lack of mindfulness is the creator of evil deeds.

Without mindfulness and presence of mind,

Nothing can be accomplished.

Lack of mindfulness piles up shit.

Without mindfulness you sleep in an ocean of piss.

Without mindfulness you are like a heartless zombie, a walking corpse.

- Nyoshul Khenpo Rinpoche

(Nothing like driving it home.)

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Anonymous said...

Hey Michelle...just have to take a minute here and let you know how incredibly delighted I am to have discovered your Festival Creative Blog space. In a word it is: DELICIOUS! I am completely loving it and have been checking it out almost daily (so much to peruse thru)! Some of the things that I am lovin' about Festival Creative: the color-so yummy colorful; the life force-such vibrancy comes thru; the texture-perhaps only viewed via a 2 dimensional screen, but such richness to your posts; your stories-the inspiration you foster and share..yes, FC it is so deeply inspiring and heartfelt; the FUN-it is so much fun to spend time here; WOW, all this and sooo much more! Your spirit Michelle-full of life and all that is creative and artistic and beautiful and fun shines ever so brightly! Thanks for putting so much of yourself out there for the world to soak up, be refreshed by, and inspired by! Blessings...Nicole

Michelle May said...

Nicole, Thank you so much for YOUR inspiration. Your words are so kind and mean a ton. Thanks so much for checking out the blog and giving me this amazing feedback. I have all these thoughts and ideas filling my head everyday, so it's great to spill it all out. I am glad you are getting something from it all. I can't wait to see you at some point. I will surely look you up if I am ever anywhere near Santa Fe. Thank you Nicole! xo, Michelle