Inspired from the other side of the world

Maria Thomas, Jella Verelst of Belgium, and Rick Roberts. Jella's designs were so intricate and elaborate and just blew everyone away. It was amazing for me to see how creatively different everyone was while using the same tools and direction. The inspiration to be different and unique was so exemplified and perfectly enhanced by the work of all the guests at the seminar.

Fina Man came all the way from Hong Kong. Her trip was only 4 days long and she traveled over 20 hours to be with us in Whitinsville. I wish she could have stayed longer and visited a bit.
Next time Fina!

Personally tangled name tags of each guest. Maria calligraphed our names on the other side.

Maria's shoes that weren't spiffy enough...until tangled!

A mosaic of inspiration

Personally, I love henna designs. Every summer I sport some henna, always being a little too afraid to get a real tattoo. I just can't settle for one design to be on my body forever. I have always wanted one, but can't lock it down. Henna and all these great patterns I have learned will be a great bonus when the summer is finally here. Below are mehndi hands, traditionally used for brides that I ffffound. They are actually from a travel website and if you look carefully you can see points of interest imbeded into the designs! Such a creative advertisement.

{images of mehndi via ffffound}

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