Window boxes

{window boxes of Romania}

Balconies and potted flowers are so abundant in Europe, but not so much here. Every place the sun that can shine, suggests a warm home for flowers. I love seeing the raging colors and spirited windows everywhere. There is nothing like flowers grown at home or fresh vegetables picked at the moment of ripeness from a few steps away. Now is the time in New England to think about planting. Growing your own vegetables is healthier and so convenient. Not to mention a thrill for the children.


Liliana said...

needless to say, i am charmed by the window flowers...where was this, bucharest or brasov (which i have identified as one of your destinations)? need to seed my own -- i am a fairly new gardener -- this time it will be perennials!

Michelle May said...

The top two are from Brasov and the bottom one, from Sighisoara. I love all the beautiful flowers everywhere in Brasov now. Color and excitement everywhere...and every balcony is enchanted.