Looking Good

{image via lovely package by H&M}

{image via lovely package and ffffound}
Designed by Wolff Olins, US. Take a peek at their site and see how aggressive their "The World Needs New" message is. Love it!

{image by the manual co. via ffffound}

{image by there via ffffound}

{image by bronx shoes via ffffound}

So I have been watching and more and more companies are getting into personalizing their packaging with hand lettering and wholesome thoughts. It is all going to get all rooty and I love it. The most creative designers will emerge. The ones whose ideas are always overlooked for the more mainstream and bo-ring. Love how there is risk being taken. Along with the wholesome top image of H&M shopping bags, I am also seeing alot of sleek packaging with very modern lines, which I also love. The shapes are sexy and so easy on the eye. I like that when I look at a shelf of product. My eye is drawn to the calm and simple packaging, even if the colors are subdued.

H&M is working the "you want to carry this bag around" and look like a stellar human. It works. Not only is the messaging powerful, the graphic design is outstanding. The design is by Silver of Sweden, who also has Nokia as a client, they call their design "value-generating". It is believable and fashion forward, aggressive and out there in front.

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