Oh Raul, el diablo de mojitos

Today I was thinking that I need a vacation, but I was lucky enough to have gotten away for a few days in January. The wind and the weather were mild today and most of our snow melted in the last few days, but the beach of Isla Verde was in the back of my mind. As I sat down to post, I saw a comment from Raul, from Blend in Old San Juan. It was a perfect alignment of thoughts. I needed a strong mojito and he was offering one up, from so many miles away. Thank you Raul for your kind words and know that you folks at Blend are alive and well in our dreams! We had such a great time with you and came back twice!

{antique luminares @ Blend, 309 Fortaleza Street, Old San Juan}

{Raul from Blend, Old San Juan PR}

{2 very perfect mojitos mixed by Raul}

If any of you are lucky enough to visit San Juan,
please visit Blend and have a mojito for me!

{African Tulips bloom of El Yunque falls}

{wonderful textures of the floor of the forest}

{the streets of OSJ}

{Cuartel de Ballaja, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico}

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