Turquoise Chic!

Here she is!
By becoming a friend of Festival Creative,
you are entered to win this turquoise and sandstone necklace
with onyx accents and a Midori Ribbon closure.

There is still time to win.
The drawing will be held March 15.

Boys can enter too!
Think of all the love coming your way after surprising her with a big hunky turquoise stunner!

{By entering, you will be helping me grow readership,
make me look like I am not talking to myself, which I may do occasionally...

and hopefully find yourself at home here and spread the word.}


smw said...

I love this blog! So great to hear about cool things going on in Worcester. I really want to support this city and this is helping me find out what's going on. And, I LOVE THAT NECKLACE!! My husband will be joining now--gotta have another chance to win!

Michelle May said...

why thank you...i will be looking forward to posting more about Worcester and what is happening in town. If anyone has good stuff, do share! (Secret shared: there will also be a couple pairs of earing given away. sssssshhhhhhh)

Sprout said...

You are definitely NOT talking to yourself!