Puerto Rico Adventures on the horizon...

With two posts on winter happenings, I just had to warm it up a bit. Today we pack, tomorrow we are on a plane to PR, providing this forecasted storm does not hold us up at Logan. Whatever the case the adventure is almost upon us. I am starting to miss my kids already, but I know I will be home soon. I hate this feeling of conciousness. Mothers have to have it, I guess.

So, we don't have too many things on the agenda. Visiting Old San Juan (OSJ) and the El Yunque Rainforest.

The rainforest is full of the el coqui frogs that create a symphony as the sun goes down.

I would also like to see a bioluminescent bay. Doing a bit of reading, I found that the bioluminescence is due to Red Mangrove trees growing near the shores. Their roots release tannins and B12, which I guess the dinoflagellates like to munch on. The size, depth and temperature of the water are in perfect balance, creating a perfect environment for the bioluminescent ecosystem. I wonder if the conditions have changed there in the last few years, with all the global warming going on. I will try to find out. I checked the moon phase and it will be optimal the whole time we are there. No moon is a good moon.
image via the gentle on flickr

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