Evolution: The next Burning Man for summer 2009

A friend of mine went to Burning Man in 2003 for a few consecutive years. If it wasn't for him, I doubt I would know about the event at all. This week of art and communal life has moved from sandy Baker Beach in San Francisco to the sands of the desert of Black Rock Nevada. Burning Man is founded by Larry Harvey, who erected the first man in 1986 with some friends and saw the reaction and spirit that watching the burn created. Preparing for and getting to Burning Man is an experience all in itself. You have to be completely self reliant, prepared with enough provisions...tickets are sold way in advance. In 2008 over 49,000 people filled the "playa" with life all to rejoice in art and self expression.

The art of Burning Man is extensive. Investments are made in huge thematic installations. From decorated cars, to fully the erected "city", the elaborate creativity is never ending. My mere words don't even touch on the vastness of what goes on in Nevada during this celebration.

This is an aerial photo of the people that come together in a fully planned city via weburbanist.com of Burning Man 2008 on the playa of Black Rock Desert, Nevada.

Above images: the burning man via hot fossils and rebel matter; of zebra vehicle via nytimes.com; trucks via yowazzup.

I encourage you to check out the Burning Man website to learn more about this unique art experience. I doubt I can ever get there from Massachusetts but I hope you can.


jadesmith said...

Burning man festival is an event which has grown from being a beach party celebrating the summer solstice to the incarnation of personal freedom, radical self expression. If you’re looking for a totally unique experience, The Burning Man Festival will provide you with one, but only if you participate. The entertainment is at a premium and all kinds of musical, theatrical and visual arts performances happen spontaneously in addition to less orthodox events like raves and mud wrestling party.

Anonymous said...

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