Bona Drag

Today, Emily Quillen pointed out bonadrag.com to me, after seeing my Pedro Garcia post. Coincidentally, the Capezios were shot on an oriental rug not unlike the one in my shot. I love fate-y stuff like that. So cruising directly to the shoe section of Bona Drag, I was taken aback...Capezio in full force. Choose lace up or studded. My insides were screaming for more. I have a little confession, the foot of the ballerina is perhaps one of the most beautiful sights EVER. The lines of the ankle down the curved arch to the pointed toes is just perfection. (shivers)

For more of what makes me go ahhh, check out this slideshow on you tube.

There is also something about the ballet fashion, the dancer in torn and tattered tights, elegant and rugged at the same time. We used to cut out tights and slip them over our heads and wear them as undergarments. No bra, freestyle. Perfect for under leotards. The legwarmers were an additional element of iconic dancer style. Pedro Garcia replicates alot of these elements in his latest line of satin covered shoes, the torn edge and precise lines give this glam combination, a shabby avante-garde chic.

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