Pedro Garcia

Zapatero is what he calls himself, Pedro Garcia, a third generation shoe maker, whose home is Alicante, Spain. Experimental Luxury is their company's philosophy. It's all about innovation and fine materials. The quality and lines are impeccable. Pedro studied at FIT in New York City and Ars Sutoria in Milan.

Each pair of shoes is designed strictly according to their philosophy and it shows. When I saw these babies glistening and calling to me, wantingly, I knew the deep love I had for shoes was brimming in the moment. The beige-ish pink satin wrapped straps echo my favorite pair of pink satin Pavlovas saved from years of ballet. The color, the fine stitching, the amazing juxtaposition of the elastic strap and a slim brushed silver heal made me drool all over myself. The problem I was faced with was where to wear them. I have had them for a few years and only had the chance a few times.

A Gypsy Kings concert was one such occasion. But just recently, my fifteen year old daughter, who only wears only UGGS and running shoes, wore them for a formal in Worcester, Massachusetts. Never was I prouder than the moment she chose to slip her feet into these shoes. Stunning is an understatement. My girl is getting the edge. Thank you, dear Pedro (and co.) for making her look so beautiful and different than all the other girls. Gracias!

Their album can be seen on the website pedrogarcia.com. Pedro Garcia shoes are also available at net-a-porter.com. (The gold studded Mary Janes make me quake.)

hmmm, do you think I should take them to Isla Verde? If ever there were a place.

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Claudia Snell said...

Those shoes are so beautiful! Amazing.