lusting for

A 21 pound turquoise bowl via alibaba. Imagine it being the bathroom sink? Oh my!

Carved Asian Screen via Oriental-Decor.

But, oh the real passion....take me to Marrakesh. All aboard?

Rooftop sunset anyone?

Tranquil nap?
A festive afternoon gathering?

I hit the style files the other day and almost fainted. I could not scroll fast enough! Danielle de Lange is based in the Netherlands, giving her viewpoint on design from a European perspective. I just love her finds and her inspiration.

These finds were discovered via Marie Claire Maison via the style files.


andreea said...

Love the 20 lbs turquoise alibaba...man...what a beauty

andreea said...

Love the turquoise Alibaba...man,I would love that in my bathroom

Laura said...

let us know how your travel/trip is going!