Vertical World Adventures

For the most part my feet stay pretty firmly planted on the ground. Occasionally, I switch it up with some hopscotch, but height and I have never been more than mere acquaintances. There is a whole other world out there, a vertical world...and the Donofrios have climbed alot of it!

Talking about adventure and doing things I have always wanted to do, conveniently coincided with Mike posting some amazing images of climbs that I dove into. I am a camper, not a climber. I love gear. I love outdoor equipment. EMS and REI are my friends.......but oh, the climbing gear.

What I love most is the kind of people that hike, camp and climb. They are good sweet souls of generosity and creativity...you have to be. Generally speaking, they are so my kind of people.

Climbing takes this to a whole other level, as I have many friends that climb, so we have sat around talking about experiences. Climbing is more of an outer body experience, a more zen-like, philosophical experience from what I gather. After all, it's you and the rock. It's you...and the trust for your partner. It's you and everything that's in your head. I have had some time to think about their experiences and the only thing holding me back is my fear of heights. Public speaking is another fear, by the way. I think if I climb, both of them will be conquered in one go.

My friends are less than ordinary, they are "miles above" most and can take you there. Mike Donofrio's guiding program offers beginner to advance level instruction. Based in New England, right here in Worcester, Massachusetts. Check out Vertical World Adventures to learn more.

They say it better than me, from their website:

Vertical World Adventures realizes that your interactions and experiences with your guide is perhaps one of the most important elements in the success of any adventure. For this reason we hire only guides of the highest personal caliber and professionalism. Our mission is to meet all the needs of our clients and ensure that your time spent with us is extremely rewarding and memorable. We wish to form a lasting bond with you that will never be broken. We take great pride in sharing and teaching about the true joy of outdoor adventure and helping others reach their personal goals. We wish to do everything in our power to offer the highest quality adventure opportunities that focus on safety without compromising excitement and inspiration. If you are putting together a private trip and would like to request a certain guide please feel free to do so. We know that the relationships formed through mountaineering and climbing together are very strong and comforting.


images: property of Michael Donofrio
photo 1: Mike at Half Dome
photo 2: Sue in Maine
photo 3: cool guys who just climbed all day Dave Goguen, Mike Donofrio and Aaron Robinson
(reaching the top of Half Dome almost 5000 feet and 8080 feet above sea level)
photo 4: the falls at Yosemite.

Climbing is one thing in itself, taking amazing photos hanging off a granite wall a mile off the ground is another.

To the Worcester locals:
You may recognize Sue and Mike from Cirque du Noir...
These guys get around. Besides climbing, and raising babies, they are both artists, avid disc golfers, good cooks & fine friends. Sue participated in the Art Fusion and auction at the fundraiser. (See, they rock!) In fact Bocado was loaded with climbers that night, including mother earth and the moon man, a 39 week pregnant Sarah and Mike Wilander.

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