Weekend in North Conway

The White Mountains, New Hampshire

Gift of Life, North Conway

Getting air off a 10-12 foot backyard ledge, Bartlett, NH

The Roy's Log Home, Bartlett NH. A sweet house that I highly recommend renting, summer or winter.

Iron railing upstairs in the lofted hallway were so rustic and fitting. Three 6 foot panels, that were not obtrusive, but very tastefully done... and the children just loved all the animals within the imagery.

On Saturday, it was bitter cold and windy, but we went for a horsedrawn carriage ride alongside the Saco River, by The Farm By the River. A really laid back bed and breakfast with a working stable, this place is great for winter and summer stays. It's nestled in right by Cathedral ledge and Echo Lake on the Saco River. The minute I walked in, I was brought back in time, as it had "homesmell" of my grandparent's house. BTW...Duplicate homesmells (completely made up) are rare.

While waiting for our Belgian horses to get harnessed, we sat inside by the toasty fire. The owners, Rick and Sharon were very sweet and made us feel very comfortable, while their Weimaraner Heidi entertained the babies.

Our sleigh driver was a sweet guy named Manuel who told us that the farm had been in Rick's family since 1785. He and his wife, Michelle drove sleighs for the farm. While we were there many people were visiting, including a young couple planning their fall wedding. Of course, we offered to help them out with their invitations! (It was nice to see that the economy was playing nice with The Farm By the River.) Manny also pointed out tracks
through the field made by a coyote. Of course I had to ask why they were in a straight line, unlike a dog track. He laughed and said that it's a 3 legged coyote! They call him tripod.

After thawing out in the car, we all ran to the shelter of the house...and the Grey Goose. Oh, Isla Verde, are you ready to warm our bones? We will see you Wednesday by noon!

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