voy tarde

{image via ffffound}

When I was a kid, one of my fears was being late. Part of it was that I was so frantically shy that if I were late, I knew all eyes would be on me, the attention of the teacher would turn to me, and well I would come close to passing out. Ballet class was the worst. When it was my Dad's turn to carpool, he drove so slow, all the girls looking at me in the car with eye reflecting the curses they threw my way, knowing the wrath we would get for walking in after barre had begun.

These days and many years later, I feel like I am racing the clock ALL the time. I wish the world would slow down for me, and for all of us. Living in NE, no doubt increases the pressure of doing a million things a day, efficiently and successfully. Life should be a tea party most of the time.

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