Scripted dark belief in love...

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Inspired by black and white for obvious reasons, this weekend should be full of hallowed moments of festivities. I learned something today, about Samhain, the Celtic root of Halloween. It's the celebration of summer's end and the new year, a Celtic festival of the harvest and of the dead.

Today started out with a strange vibe, as sometimes I can feel things a little before they happen. I woke with memories of a far off dream and soon after imagery of spilled milk. When my little Soleil did spill her milk, I knew the day would be interesting and it was. It came full circle touching down many times throughout the day. My mother used to get freaked out when I was a kid, saying things before they happened. Oh the thin lines between days. Let's see if it continues throughout the weekend!

Happy Birthday to Vladutz!


Alita said...

I've had that Alice in Wonderland (my favorite ever, by the way) saying since high school in magnet form. It gets me through rough days, for sure.

Michelle May said...

so funny, erin sent me this email:
"I had this exact card hanging on my wall in college. Just remembered it when I saw your post :) so funny since I was alice {for cirque}!"