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{andrea del sarto/john the baptist via Worcester Art Museum}

Found in a church attic in Worcester Massachusetts, almost sold for 25 dollars at a yard sale, now hanging. So inspired by Slow Art yesterday, my mind is open and voraciously consuming imagery today. With brilliant foliage and a snowy downfall, today in Worcester is surreal. Visit the Worcester Art Museum soon. We have such brilliant art so close to home. If you are reading The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown, you may want to see the Albrecht Dürer's woodcut print hanging there. A little tid bit below:

{klimt via filmplus}
{redon via spamula}

{klimt medicine via artchive}

{tariq design via behance}

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Cindy Woehrle said...

love it! Odilon, Klimt, Del Sarto amazing artists!!!