A PKN Teaser

Paul Irish

A user experience consultant with Molecular, ajax developer, and eclectic music blogger at Aurgasm.us.

{Me} tooting his horn:
Launched in 2004, Aurgasm has developed into a destination of passionate music lovers around the globe. Its audience includes music mavens, critics, journalists, and bloggers—a highly influential audience. It has been named as one of
PC Magazine’s Top 100 Blogs, profiled in The Boston Globe and mentioned on MSNBC.com, BoingBoing, Kottke, del.icio.us, Read/Write Web, Techcrunch, Signal vs Noise, and Digg. Aurgasm specializes in everything not under the American rock umbrella—music such as: downtempo, folk, nu jazz, chanson, scandinavian, jazz, cuban, brazilian, electro, soul, jump blues, bluegrass, film score, and electronica. {oh yeah, me again!}

Topic: Practical design solutions from Japan.

Andreea Waters

Born in Bucharest, Romania, now living in Franklin, MA with husband, Jeff, and son, Max. Work / Psychology major with an art and photography interest. My professional background involves the printing industry, sports marketing, advertising sales and design and finds me as the Marketing / Creative Manager at Expert Satellite in Worcester, MA. My latest project? Developing Facebook Application for referral program. Life / a passionate junky for photography, fashion, music, travel and the creative spirit. Addicted to the buzz, I get lost in the trance of the creative moment. Play / Surrounded by family and friends, dream, experience, taste and dance to the rhythms of life.

Topic: Life by Design
/ Be provocative, explore boundaries, be more than ordinary...

Adoniram Sides

An incredibly talented image-maker, motion and still, Adoniram, from Westminster and works as lead product photographer at Checkerboard in West Boylston. Commercial photography, land and city scapes alive with life and contemplation come naturally to him. Alive with details and distinction, Adoniram's work is done with passion and articulation.

Summary: Talking about space, how it impacts you emotionally, how it is translated into art. How space creates the foundation of psychological impact in art and in life. How a “quiet space” contains limitless energy and how it translates into
creative inspiration.

Topic: Quiet Spaces and the Way of Inspiration
{check him out: AdoniramSides.com, Behance}

Othah Tidbits:
Cindy Woehrle on Pecha Kucha Daily,
chatting about Worcester.
{p.s. This vid was filmed early on and Cynthia mentions Kaz Gamble, who has a scheduling conflict and hopefully will be able to do another PKN Worcester.}

New presenter links are alive and kicking on Pecha Kucha Night Worcester

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