Pecha Kucha Worcester #1...unbelievable!

{John Herman ~ New-Media Guru / Inspiration through Collaboration}

{standing room only~that's me on the far left with my co~hosts Scott Zoback, center sitting and Cynthia Woerhle on the far right. Also in this photo is Scott Erb of Erb Photo, sitting left,
and Paul Dalpe of Point Source Media, back center}

{guests @ Bocado}

{Schedule of presenters/graphix by Todd Rawley}

{Megan Mcintosh~ Freestyle Slalom Skating / Aspects of Freestyle}

{Adoniram Sides ~ Photographer / Quiet Spaces and the Way of Inspiration}

All images in this post by Andreea Waters, who was also one of the presenters,
Art Director / Life By Design

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