Green and Harrison

{images of Alexis Grace & Harrison Street Worcester}

The clothing swap that Punky had a few weeks ago prompted a little exploration in the Green Street area, waiting for friends, I went on a little walk taking pictures and enjoying the sun. While dropping my clothing off at the swap, a handsome gent representing Alexis Grace, told me about the vintage shop owned by his wife located right around the corner. With time to kill, I stepped out and found that there was a cute little row of stores on Harrison Street, including the dance studio of Salsa Storm. Green Street now has sunny open places like the Center Bar and Grill, The Banner, owned by Sean McInerney, a former Burncoat alum, Block 5 and the beer garden at The Dive Bar. Have you heard about Secret Society? Right around the corner on Water Street is Jeff Jemma's new digs....looks pretty cool from the outside.
The Canal District is thriving. I have a vision of this area becoming a central cultural area for Worcester. If I called the shots, I would shut down Green on Saturday and Sunday and make it pedestrian only. I would also put out a call to artists, musicians and street performers. Tables would be set up all the way down Green, a festival of umbrellas. Seating areas would be serviced by the respective establishments adjacent to them. I hear music, bustling people, children laughing, parents and grandparents having lunch, coffee, maybe a cocktail in the sun.
I see neighbors greeting each other in the street, visiting the quaint little shops that emerge. See you need the cool little shops to bring foot traffic that spills into restaurants. Does anyone see what I see?

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