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Thinking so much lately about how the web is rapidly changing a lot of industries. Magazines, retail, technology, and well I guess I see it more in paper. That is what I do. We have seen the great strides that optimism have taken in the last few years as our economy has tanked. It is interesting to see how companies have latched on to feel good vibes, such as the innovator of that business model, Life is Good. Some try to emulate, shamelessly. Some try to make money off the coat tails and the dust they leave in their tracks. As a designer I get all bunchy when I see the attempts, so unoriginal and lame.

{image of jake and bert jacobs via body and soul magazine}

"Optimism focuses on what's right with the world, rather than on what's wrong," says Bert. "It's tremendously empowering." While not an action in and of itself, it invites collaboration and outreach. "It allows you to meet new people, learn new things," he adds. "It's the belief in the possibility of something -- because then there's a chance of getting there."
~via body and soul

Those Jacobs boys have been front runners in this feel good initiative since the founding of their company over 15 years ago. This was not about foresight, but the genuine intuitive sense to go after what is good and bottle that up for the masses. From sharing and donating to good causes, companies are waking up to tighter ethical guidelines, whether it is a green initiative or a feeling of well-being. Some of it is internal and deep like the example of the boys here, but some of it is external, a marketing decision, letting the world know how essentially "good" they are. Whatever it may be, companies are striving for the good and to align themselves with that creamy goodness that rises to the top.

A divergence from convention is the only way autonomy will be noticed in this power packed struggle to gain market share and elbow room when walls are high and the crowd is thick, with energy filled competition. In every industry this is happening. I watch the dieline for inspiration. Packaging is a secret passion. Good packaging is like wrapping the product in chocolate, a fine rich European chocolate. In all industries good design is a MUST. Even in wedding blogging has the trend shifted to a more unique and unconventional expression. The more unconventional weddings are the chic and expressive way to celebrate. Photographers are getting more artistic and brides are letting them and paying huge for photojournalistic images of their special day.

Since it effects my work, I watch wedding blogs. I watch them all try to emulate each other. And then there is one. Take the blog
100 Layer Cake, who I follow and you should too if you are getting married, or if you like the visual stimulation of original color palettes and the eclectic and original taste. I follow and am inspired by the blog because I am a wedding invitation designer, I love the blog because I am a designer. It is NOT like other wedding blogs.

Notice the exceptional. Share the finds. The cream will always rises to the top! Viral conversations are free and pretty soon, they will take over so much of marketing. This decade will bring amazing things to the retail industry. Great, exceptional design will emerge everywhere and where it does not, there will be smaller lines. As we await the unveiling of the Apple tablet/islate and the Nexus let us take note of other exceptional designs and initiatives and spread the word!

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Adoniram said...

Oh goodness, I cannot WAIT for an Apple tablet. Sure, there will be other tablets on the market (a few cool ones came out at CES just this past week) but Apple's will undoubtedly break the mold.

Michelle May said...

Out of the ashes emerges astonishing design, from every corner of the creative world. The next ten years should be amazing!