Festival Creative Invitations

{ a selection of invites from Paper Bouquet by Checkerboard, photos by Adoniram Sides}

We now have a fan page for Festival Creative Invitations on Facebook, so head on over! I have been really busy the last few months creating a unique wedding album with so many creative suites, perfect for those couples who are one step ahead, seeking great design and value with the invite that will WOW their guests. It's top secret right now, to be unveiled right before the National Stationery Show in NYC. We have had a fantastic year and have been busy designing some really great new product. Click the link, Micah Chase, our company's prez is in the vid a few times.

This new year means I am getting focused on my personal 2010 goals, one of them being to get some projects up on Behance. The link is Behance.net/michellemay, so please check it out! A bunch more on the way, but I have to feed my children once in a while or they get testy!

{Festival readers will get a sneak peak of the new project.
So excited!!!}


Adoniram said...

I feel the "personal goals" thing. I desperately need to get my butt in gear with regard to the "setting and achieving of goals." haha

Michelle May said...

I am setting personal goals and family goals...incorporating all the teenage goals the kids need to be thinking of. I will plant a few fun things in there to make it interesting. Travel is one serious goal we will definately reach this summer. What are your's?