Pecha Kucha Haiti Reconstruction TONIGHT

{image via pechakucha.org}

The PechaKucha network of 280 cities worldwide, of which Worcester, Massacusetts is a part of... is joining Architecture for Humanity to help rebuild Haiti 20 seconds at a time.

Join Worcester and all the participating cities around the the world TODAY, the 20th February for Global PechaKucha Night for Haiti. 20 seconds, 20 images, 200 cities, 2000 presentations, 200,000 people - with the aim to raise $1,000,000 for rebuilding Haiti.

To find out more about the first ever global WAVE, and the effort visit Pecha Kucha.org.

To find out more live Pecha Kucha action, visit ustream.

This is truly an incredible inspiration of global effort. Please twitter, blog and share this information on your social media channels.

WORCESTER, MA PKN LOWDOWN from Pecha Kucha Night Worcester:

Worcester Vol 4.

Doors open tomorrow at 7pm for mingling and drinks.

$20 suggestion donation at the door is encouraged

{Parking is available at 55 pearl in the lower lot, parking garage as well as on the street.55 Pearl restaurant opens for dinner at 4 with a tavern menu also available in the lower bar.We are very excited about tomorrows line up of presenters!}

Nicole Valentine, Helen Beaumont, Dan Burke, Benjamin Caras, Junior Belisea, Andrea Ajemian, Kaz Gamble, and Stu Esty. Sharing their passion for their community, their art, the ongoing work that needs to be done in Haiti and first hand stories from the ground. This is certainly the broadest scope of topics we've ever offered at PechaKucha Night Worcester.

We are also excited about going LIVE to the World in the global wave on ustream! Watch the 24 hour wave here:http://www.ustream.tv/channel/pechakucha All this is in the name of GIVING.

We understand that many of you Worcesterites may have given already to relief efforts in Haiti but the need is ongoing and becomes more crucial as time passes. The rainy season is soon approaching and with out adequate shelter, disease will spread fast. Architecture for Humanity has a vision for the long term survival of Haiti. You can view their plan for reconstruction here:http://architectureforhumanity.org/updates/2010-02-18-haiti-quake-a-plan-for-reconstruction.

Spread the word, bring your friends...

Thank You for your continuing enthusiasm for PechaKucha Worcester!

OH, you can also donate online: http://www.pecha-kucha.org/pechakucha-for-haiti.


Live on the Wild Side

{soleil in the sink}

Sometimes you have to rock the mohawk just for the sake of it.
Be yourself.
Be different.
Have a hell of a lot of fun.


Norman Rockwell

One of Norman Rockwell's Doctor and the Doll}

Happy Birthday Norman Rockwell
and thank you Google for your prompts for days we should remember and sometimes forget!

Norman Rockwell's work is iconic in America and The Saturday Evening Post. This painting of the Doctor and the Doll is by far my favorite. A print of it hung in the offices of pediatrician Dr. John Donovan in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. The first time I visited his office I noticed the print and thought how cute it was to hang it in the waiting room. When I finally met him in person, the resemblance to the doctor in Rockwell's painting was incredible. We were lucky to have a few years with Dr. Donovan and I was quite quite devestated when he retired. So this being a day to remember Norman Rockwell, I wanted to give a little nod to the doc who was the man in the painting.

If you click on the link for The Saturday Evening Post, America's oldest magazine, you will find a great article about Rockwell art that hangs in the White House, donated by Rockwell collector Steven Spielberg. {more here}