Norman Rockwell

One of Norman Rockwell's Doctor and the Doll}

Happy Birthday Norman Rockwell
and thank you Google for your prompts for days we should remember and sometimes forget!

Norman Rockwell's work is iconic in America and The Saturday Evening Post. This painting of the Doctor and the Doll is by far my favorite. A print of it hung in the offices of pediatrician Dr. John Donovan in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. The first time I visited his office I noticed the print and thought how cute it was to hang it in the waiting room. When I finally met him in person, the resemblance to the doctor in Rockwell's painting was incredible. We were lucky to have a few years with Dr. Donovan and I was quite quite devestated when he retired. So this being a day to remember Norman Rockwell, I wanted to give a little nod to the doc who was the man in the painting.

If you click on the link for The Saturday Evening Post, America's oldest magazine, you will find a great article about Rockwell art that hangs in the White House, donated by Rockwell collector Steven Spielberg. {more here}

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