Slow Art Worcester

{Opal: Zorn, WAM selection for SLOW ART}

{images of young Pete Townsend and Elvis featured at Who Shot Rock, NOW at the Worcester Art Museum}

April 17th is Slow Art Day around the world.

Come join over 46 cities around the world and us right here at the Worcester Art Museum that Saturday morning, when your visit is absolutely free. Some may forget that works of Monet, Renoir, Kandinsky, Picasso, Sargent and the like are right down the street from you. We drive by a few times a week and should really stop by. The Worcester Art Museum has been rocking and we are inviting you to be a part of it. "Rocking", I really mean it. Who Shot Rock, from the Brooklyn Museum is a current exhibit at the Worcester Art Museum and will be a part of Slow Art. What an appropriate town to have the Rock exhibit, with all the amazing musical talent here, most of it born here.

The tag line for the Worcester Art Museum is "Where Art Celebrates Life". Perfect. Art is life. Art is the interpretation of life and perhaps the largest and the most amazing level of personal gifts to the viewer, a museum and history. Slow Art gives you a chance and an open invitation to STOP and enjoy every brush stroke or nuance, the details that really capture the essence of what the painter, photographer, sculptor...what the artist was trying to express.

Since we are thinking about art, music and celebrating, I urge you also, not to miss:

Wormtown Rocks! Exhibition
In collaboration with ARTSWorcester.
April 6 - May 14
Public Reception: April 8, 6-8pm
{when prizes will be awarded}
Higgins Education Wing

Worcester has been known for its incredible and diverse music scene and its ability to nurture artists of all these genres. The exhibit is also a photo competition featuring this incredible look into the of the music scene of Worcester, amid the incredible musical talent are the photographers who capture the moments. You have seen them out and about if you are a supporter of live music in Worcester. {Louie Despres you had better be one of them!} Winners of this juried competition will be presented with cash awards on Thursday, April 8th, at the opening reception. Why check it out? All your friends will be there. Want to get involved in some Worcester art events? email me!

Louie was invited to photograph Cirque Du Noir 2009 and he captured the evening in such an amazing way. His lighting is signature and when you see a Louie photo, you know it. Louie and his wife Tina Zlody get around town supporting and contributing to the thriving art and music scene here. They are only two, together they do an incredible job spreading good vibes and community efforts around town. I hope to see some of Louie's images at this show. Every time I get the chance to see some music or go to some Worcester event, there are ALWAYS photographers present, capturing life. Scott Erb and Donna Dufault are always out and about with cameras in hand.

Worcester is thriving with life in all it's corners. Come check out Slow Art, Wormtown Rocks, the next Pecha Kucha Night. Come out and see what you have been missing. Talk to someone who has enjoyed Worcester lately. I bet you haven't been to Dr. Gonzo's Road Kill cook off lately have you? Walk by his shop on Main Street, you may hear him tickling the ivories, or enjoying the company of friends and neighbors in his little condiment shop with a big topless hot pepper out front, a prelude to the hot flavor of his passion for the Worcester community, music and art in town.

Want a taste of what I and chatting about? Watch Karl Connolly talk about his passion for mixing music at Pecha Kucha Worcester. A law student by day a dj by night. The diversity of the speakers are as diverse as the talent around Worcester. Keith Cross shares some letterpress with us at the first PKN.

Visit Worcester Art Museum on April 17th for Slow Art. Meet some new people, share the unbelievable collection we have in the galleries. The beauty of Slow Art is that you don't have to be educated in art, you need only to love it! Stop by, open your eyes and after, join us for some lunch or a beverage to chat about what you experienced. Don't stop there...there are alot more to keep you busy.

To stay on top of current events in Worcester, please visit the Social Web or the Worcester Cultural Coalition.

Please visit Worcester Slow Art on eventbrite to reserve your spot and enable us to send you the list of art you will be looking at. Learn more about Slow Art, its origins by the Reading Odyssey and the global movement here.

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