Preparing for stART

{images of handmade scarves and my little helper}

The holidays are right around the corner. I read my friend Scott Zoback on FB, ranting about holiday music being played on the radio. Scott and others like him, must just become ostriches at this time of year. It's inevitable. Some just can't stand it, he is not alone. Some people, ah hem, my mom may listen to Christmas music all year round. At any point on a summer weekend, I can walk into the beach house and she has Bing on. It's a fact of the Catholic home. Me, not so much. Although the songs that she has played have become so nostalgic. I love them, but not all year round and certainly not in summer. In 6th grade, the kindergarten teacher, Mrs. McManus sent for me because she could not think of the words to White Christmas. One sing through and she was on her way, just "like she used to know". Apples don't fall far. I just happen to like Blue Yule a little better, and after Tday, for sure. So Scotty, poor guy, I feel ya. Not only that, but Hanukkah doesn't get much play. Here is a little Hanukkah Lounge for you from CD Baby.

So, all the artsies are getting ready for stART at the Station on Dec. 6th. Here is a little sneak preview of the scarves we are making for the holiday shopping extravagnaza. I haven't heard what music is featured this year, but they usually have some great stuff going. Mazel Tov!

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