Jesse Burkett D4 Champs 2009

Ok, I do realize softball has nothing to do with design, entertaining, gardening or my other posts... but when your kid wins a big game with girls she grew up playing with, you just have to post.

Some of the girls have known each other since they were in preschool. They pulled off another D4 title last week against a hungry Jack Barry team that fought hard for the victory at Rockwood Field on the Worcester State Campus. We are all so proud of you girls! No strangers to this honor, Burkett has been bestowed many times, but each time you realize how important and meaningful this time is in their lives. The parents, coaches and volunteers make JBLL the most amazing place and environment for young girls to learn the game and grow. I think people move here, just so their kids can play in this district.

I just want to thank everyone down at JBLL for giving our kids one heck of a season, every single year. We are heading to Regionals, hosted by JBLL. This too has become a great time. The girls don't want to leave the field...watching every game.

The Rock is a place that our kids will keep in their hearts and minds their whole life.
Visiting teams feel the mojo and the ruckus and comment on the park, kept in shape by some seriously dedicated parents. There is just gooooood stuff alive and kickin' along that stretch of Pleasant St. From the A field to Ralph Raymond/Rockwood Field...the stuff that American summers are supposed to be made of, kids laughing, families and neighbors together. It's like Cheers for Tatnuck Square without Sam Malone and cold drafts, everyone knows your name.

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This is soo awesome... WOOOOT ELLLLLIEE!