Natural Beauty, A Code

{image or rainforest bloom by andreea waters}

{image of vodka packaging via lovely package and ffffound}

{image of angelina jolie via ffffound}

Beauty comes in all packages. From natural to manufactured, from wild to human, from crafted to consumed...it's all beauty. The colors, textures and allure are such large economic factors. Aesthetic and beauty are such motivating factors of discoveries in science and math. The Fibonacci code, the Golden Mean, the ratios of natural occurrence, whatever you want to call it...all are so significant when we look at everything. I am no expert, but I am drawn to all the findings and I am addicted to the practice. It is logical to apply the theory to artwork and packaging.

Subliminal messages of natural perfection creep into our minds, and we choose to be attracted to natural beauty. As a designer, applying the ratio to artwork can yield dramatically more attractive work. I have tried it and was successful. Most beautiful artwork already applies to the ratio, giving it credibility. There is a useful program called Phi Matrix that is a great design tool. It has a few bugs, and sometimes you need a little work around, but for 15 dollars, I recommend it. If anyone tries it, I would love to hear what you think.


Sprout said...

I love Fibonacci! It's everywhere when you start to see it.

Michelle May said...

Especially in nature in your bizz!

Sprout said...

Yes, indeed!