Hiatus? What hiatus?

Festive Creative has been brainstorming a bit (after a big break from blogging). Urged by some pretty significant motivators, we are getting even more creative! We are going beyond paper and into what we do when we are not eating, sleeping, and working the 9-5! This blog is still up and running, a little out of date, but we are working on a brand new website! Exciting....creativity all over the horizon. 

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You know it has been a while if you can't remember what font was being used! And you know, I think I have been to Spain twice since I was last very active. So, we have a lot of catching up to do! I also for the life of me can't figure out why Blogger is choosing to put a white background behind that caption below...but it's late and I am not wrestling with HTML color codes right now. Excuse the ugly caption, please!

Hand cast fence inspired by palm fronds by Antoni Gaudí at Park Güell, Barcelona by Michelle May


Cirque Du Noir IV

Painting by Brian Burris

Cirque Du Noir IV will take place October 30, 2011 at Ritual in Worcester. 

A few exciting announcements about this year's event, it will take place a Ritual in Worcester for one. If you have not been there, I highly recommend for you to check it out. Hopefully you will soon enough! The space is perfect for Cirque Du Noir, the colors, the vibe and the decor lend themselves very well to the Cirque vibe. I am very excited about the venue. Thank you Kathy Kostas and the folks at Ritual for supporting the event and providing delectable goodness for our guests. 

Live Fusion Artists this year include Keenan Cassidy, an amazing accomplished artist and student at Doherty High School, Jessica Burhans, who recently showed at Secret Society here in Worcester, Joanna Matuck, and Scott Boilard, both also accomplished artists who have shown in locally and abroad. A live art fusion is so exciting to see. The artists each begin a piece and rotate pieces after a few moments, each collaborating and sharing. It is magical to watch.

Ryan Flaherty, who will light the room on fire with his guitar, will be providing the music and the heat. Ryan is releasing his new cd, Hungry Moon, described by him as "Gypsy-Rapture-Folka-Wolf music, presumably for the savage and sultry"! I like that.

From his website he is described: "Ryan Flaherty is a fiery singer-songwriter, combining gypsy, folk-jazz, and percussive guitar. Flaherty was born and raised in Rock Island, IL, across the river from Bix Beiderbecke's hometown of Davenport, IA. His music is culturally diverse with influences ranging from Woody Guthrie and Lead Belly to Django Reinhardt and Taraf De Haidouks. Songwriter B. A. Cannings refers to Flaherty's music as "Flamenco delta wolf music" and "Look out world, this guys got your number. Tons of styles smelted, combined and poured into guitar strings. Do not douse yourself with gasoline before coming to this show, his fingers will light you on fire." 

Ed Melikian will be joining Ryan, providing a backdrop of hot fusion music. He has also just collaborated with Ryan on his Hungry Moon recording. Going back and forth between Flamenco and the sounds of the Middle East, there will be no shortage of energy in the room. If you like music and live in Worcester, you have heard of Ed Melikian. I can't tell you how excited I am for this music and this night!

The evening will also include a silent art action, with art donated by local Worcester artists who are the life and guts of Cirque Du Noir. It's all about coming together, giving, sharing and celebrating art and music...while your presence and your purchases of art support the Worcester County Food Bank.

We hope to see you there!
Please visit our Cirque Du Noir Facebook page to see more art, information about the event, find some inspiration and see your friends!


Little Branch

{Little Branch . 22 7th Ave S . New York . NY 10014}


Piss and Vinegar

{a lovely poster by ryan arruda aka midnight umbrella}

Slow Art Day Worcester

{image: work by charlene von heyl, worcester art museum}

On April 16th art lovers in Worcester, Massachusetts enjoyed and learned from looking at slowly. Slow Art Day is a worldwide movement devised by Phil Terry and Reading Odyssey. Worcester, Massachusetts is one of about 100 cities currently participating in the event. For more information on Slow Art Day or to find out how you can host in your city, click the link. Get inspired, not tired!


A Night in Northampton

{Hotel Northampton and the streets of Northampton, Ma/Jan. 2011}

The Work of Laura Niemi Young II

{In the Room and The YoYo II by Laura Niemi Young}

Haunting and provoking, as if brought back in time, Laura's duotone images leave you leaning in to look as closely as you can. Incredibly, you can almost feel the texture of the elephant's rough wrinkles and only hope the riders are enjoying the dusky summer night. Laura Niemi Young paints with depth and so much character. There are many pieces in this series, which Laura just showed at
a group show at Marblehead Arts Association also recently showed in a solo show in Salem, MA. Visit her website and be moved!